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Crazy duet – Rick and Morty!

The animated series “Rick And Morty” appeared on screens in 2013 and its subsequent seasons are showing up to this day. This is a comedy of errors in which the main roles play: crazy and selfish, alcohol addict scientist Rick and his grandson Morty – not very clever boy who, often against his will, participates in his grandfather crazy trips to the farthest corners of the galaxy and the strangest parallel worlds.

Thanks to crazy inventions of Rick, such as: deadly robots, biological weapons and all kinds of dangerous tools and crazy enemies lurking for the life of a scientist and his relatives, these two experience amazing adventures in many dimensions, and all this is shown in the context of the family vicissitudes of heroes – other members of the family are Morty’s parents: Beth and Jerry and his sister Summer – who invariably entertain viewers and sometimes also move, because the series also has its more serious and more mature side.

Pop culture madness
The series originally conceived as a parody of the film “Return to the Future” quickly grew into a character in which fans loved it. Production was nominated for many awards (some of them were collected), and Rick and Morty were among others own comic book, board game, video games and a store for fans of The Rickmobile traveling around the US.

Although initially the series strongly reminiscent of another cult animated series, namely “Futurama”, “Rick and Morty”, he quickly gained his own identity and style, thanks to which it is impossible to compare him to any other work. The series is full of references to many texts of pop culture, which turned out to be one of the main factors thanks to which it gained so many fans around the world.

Over the subsequent episodes there were numerous references to: “Star Wars”, “Jurassic Park”, “Mad Max” and many other cultural texts, often overturned and presented in an extremely creative way. This – plus a surprising plot full of unexpected, crazy twists and memorable secondary characters such as Birdperson or Squanchy – makes this series an amazing adventure, which every episode follows with bated breath.

“Rick and Morty” – check our merch!

Impress your friends who also like “Rick and Morty”. Show that you like crude, often black humor from a deadly sitcom and wear a T-shirt with your favorites, and at the next event, raise toasts with glasses with their likenesses. With such homage, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith would be proud! At, we have everything a true fan can need. Get ready for the next episodes and amazing adventures of the crazy couple. It’s time to get schwifty!

Do you know that…

In the third season, Rick revealed his love for the Sichuan sauce served formerly as an addition to McNuggets at McDonald’s restaurants. However, the sauce was removed from the menu in 1998. To date, over 30,000 fans have signed a petition to restore the sauce and McDonald’s is seriously considering this option.

In one episode, Rick carried out an experiment that turned him into … pickled cucumber. The crazy scientist in his new form gained the nickname “Pickle Rick” and had to face the secret organization standing in his way to recover the human form. The fans quickly went crazy about Pickek Rick, which caused the appearance of various gadgets with a pickled hero. The online store is the place where you will find a merch from Pickle Rick – T-shirts, figurines and other gadgets are waiting for you!


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